Sponsorship Request Materials

I’m working on a document that I can use to hit up businesses for money,
and would appreciate any sharing of good stuff you’ve come up with.

I’m especially interested in how to describe what we need money for,
and ideas for ways to recognize/thank sponsors.

I’ve attached what I have so far.

Wup, realize the image doesn’t go full size so it’s basically worthless.

Here’s the text I have so far…

Vex IQ is a remarkably affordable robotics program, and Booksin Robotics is run and staffed entirely by parent volunteers. This allows Booksin Robotics to charge participants just $100 per student program fee for this nearly-year-long program.

In 2013 Booksin’s parent organization funded the purchase of 6 robotics kits and fields that enable teams to design, test and practice driving their robots throughout the year.

Booksin itself pays the cost of registering teams with the program ($100 for the first team, $50 for additional teams) and provides facilities for us to meet and store equipment, and for teams to hold weekly practices.

What your money will go toward

  • Robotics Kits: Purchase basic kits for new teams. ($250)
  • Extension of Basic Kits: Purchase fancy gears and wheels that let teams create more sophisticated robots. (approx $50/team/season)
  • Replace Components: Replace electronic components (brain, batteries, motors) that tend to go bad over time, as they are the most expensive piece of the puzzle.
  • Game Boards & Pieces: We need game boards so teams can design, test and practice driving their robots as part of the challenge game.
  • Qualifying Tournaments: Cover registration fees for teams to enter local qualifying tournaments. ($50 per team per tournament)
  • State Championships (venue TBD): Cover $200 registration fees and defray travel expenses for any teams that qualify.
  • World Championships (Louisville): Cover $850 registration fee and defray travel expenses for teams that qualify.
**What will you get for your money?**
  • Supporter, $100 Name on a banner displayed at all competitions
  • Silver Sponsor, $250 Small logo on shirt and banner
  • Gold Sponsor, $500 Medium logo (2x Silver) on shirt, banner and Facebook page
  • Platinum Sponsor, $1,000 Large logo (2x Gold) on shirt, banner and Facebook page


I loved your idea.

Aloha JeeBar,
Great job on your flier so far. In the past we have also had our kids practice a presentation for potential sponsors. Everything was scripted and practiced down to the demonstration of the robots. Kids always make a better sales pitch than I could ever do. Best of luck.