Sponsorships For Vex

I recently posted a forum asking for suggestions to start a vex team, I got a recommendation to get sponsored, I was wondering if there are any suggestions on who could sponsor my team, or any advice to get sponsors.

Prepare a presentation for business and industry leaders outlining why they should sponsor your team. Then research and network with every employer of every team member’s parents and friends, finding places to make your presentation. Do you have community baseball or soccer teams? Then see what companies are sponsoring the teams, and seek them out as well, because they have shown they are willing to sponsor community activities. Business are good for sponsorships of $200 to $2500, typically, and if you keep up on them with an annual report at the end of the season, it is likely they will sponsor your team year-over-year.


Also, try any local industries if you are in a small town. I’ve found that even if industries are state or nationwide, small town areas with a branch of the company can help. Like any local manufacturers. Our hopefully soon-to-be sponsor is Four-wheel Drive (Seagrave) (Firetruck manufacturers)
Try to go with more of the industry places because they will be more likely to sponsor a robotics team because many industries need and use robots and people in the robotics field.


Very helpful, thank you!

Purdue Sigbots has a guide that i found helpful


That is fantastic thank you for commenting

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