Sponsorships on Pearup.com

Pearup.com has a sponsorship program that many VEX teams are taking advantage of. Ours only has hours left and we still need some supporters. It’s quick, easy, and free https://www.pearup.com/team590/rally

If you haven’t started one, you need to do so. Use the referral code from another group and you both get extra funds. We could all use new shirts for worlds.

Hi 590 :slight_smile: Remember us from nationals? Nice job on making it to worlds!

If I had any money, I would donate. But I am so sorry for not donating.

No money involved. We get credits for people who watch a video, click on a link to a sponsored website, like the sponsors on Facebook, etc. Ours is almost over, but many other teams are still running. I know Discobots is close to ending too.

Thanks. I know you 1815 guys will be at worlds plenty the next few years.