Sponsorships on robot?

So we have several sponsors this season, and we told them we’d put their company name on our robot. But now that I think about it, I have only ever seen one robot with a sponsor displayed on the robot. Is there some kind of unspoken rule against putting sponsor names on your robot? Because I thought I might see a lot more teams with sponsors on the robot, but no.

not that i know of.

Any nonfunctional decorations are completely legal, so as long as you’re not picking up a cone with a company’s logo, I guess you’re good.

I know it’s legal, I was just wondering why no other robots do this? It seems like a good idea to me

Because we would have to find sponsors first. :frowning: We go out to engineering and technology firms in our area with our robots, but usually we don’t get very much money that way. Putting sponsors on our robot has always been a promise if anyone donates $500 or more, but it’s never happened. $1000 gets a name on our shirts (that definitely has to be high, since we would have to make new shirts).

So true…

Maybe you’re asking for too much. We do
-<$100 gets a name on a shirt
-$101-300 gets a small logo on robot and name on shirt
-$300+ gets large logo on robot, website on robot and name on shirt

We have been pretty successful so far. Asking for sponsorships isn’t that hard. We have earned $550 from sponsors in the past few weeks, and there are still 2 sponsors that haven’t paid yet.

We ask for like double that, and I’m pretty certain it’s why we have no sponsors.

Yeah most people don’t want to donate a lot. If instead of asking for a lot, you ask a lot of different people/companies you will probably have better results.

Maybe not. But if we have to print new shirts, it has to be a big donation. You know, to pay for the shirts. I assume you guys just print new logos on the same shirts, but that’s a hassle, too. I haven’t put too much thought into the sponsorship rewards, to be frank, because I don’t feel that most potential donors care too much about them. But maybe they do, and I’m wrong. Also, $250 gets a logo on our website.

Well we just talk to sponsors before we make our shirts for the year (new ones each year). We are making our shirts over the Christmas break, then will have them for our next 2 (hopefully more if we go to state/US open/worlds) competitions. Each member pays for his/her own shirt so payment isn’t a big deal for the shirts.

VEX Robots are typically too small to display sponsor logos. Instead, Team Virus displays banners with our sponsors listed. They are also all printed on our team shirts. We make no distinction of amount of sponsorship, other than listing our primary sponsors at the top (Monroe County Community College and the MCCC Foundation). Some sponsors give us in-kind stuff. Here is a picture from an exhibition we did at BGSU: you can see one of our vertical banners in the back: https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/21950714_1828793587432816_1986051214802450972_o.jpg?oh=014174f2cf4daf29f5a2d605649b4ce7&oe=5ABCE5E3

How much did the banner cost? Also for the logos and websites, we were thinking of putting the websites along the 35 hole c-channels on the base of the robot.

We get our banners made by vistaprint. Be sure to get some sort of coupon* They have the stands, too. Each year we have a new pair printed (if we’ve added or changed sponsors), then we cut our “logo” off the top and have a mini “virus” banner for a pit table or something.

*to just about guarantee a coupon from vistaprint, start an account, start a project, then save it without buying anything, and pretty soon you’ll get “special offers” in your email.

Ok, thanks for the tips. Are you willing to share a general price range with the coupons so I can know if we can even afford it before I look more into it?

Banners - bannersonthecheap.com has better prices than vistaprint and also has coupons regularly.

Quite a few robots around here feature Robot Mesh stickers.

Makes sense. Could I buy one since I used robot mesh for some CAD modeling? Also does anyone know if there are PROS stickers? @blatwell

The banner in the picture was around $40 delivered. Stands are around $40 too. I’ll have to look into “bannersonthecheap” though. Shop around if you’re just getting started. One thing though, once you start using a graphics company (we’ve used vistaprint for years) it’s easier to reorder because they typically keep all your artwork on file.

I am sure there are stickers. We do not have any, though. I would contact anyone with PROS and I am sure if they are available, they can help you.

If you are on discord on the Vex Teams of the World server, I know you can find them there. Hotel would probably be the person to ask. If he is not the guy, he would know who is.