Sporkinator 1.5 States Reveal!

I put quite a bit of effort into this, please enjoy!

Looking good! What gearing are you using on the drive? Also do you have any footage of the last tournament?

I’m using 1:1 turbo speed on the 3.25" omnis, and 1:1 high speed on the 4" high traction, and my friends camera somehow corrupted all the footage

Uh your 3.25" wheels are going to be spinning 21.8% faster than the central 4" wheels…
3.25pi240/4pi160 = 1.218

Also speaking from experience 4" wheels don’t work great with 3.25" wheels since one is always off the ground. They also look like they’re chained together somehow… Are you sure you’re running that?

I know if you just take 3.25" and 4" the speed difference is 21.8%, but the “4in” wheels are actualy quite a bit larger than that, causing the difference to be negligible Just measured it and it is exactly 4 in. However, I found that it really doesn’t matter too much. . and yes, the wheels are chained together.

You can use .375" nylon spacers to get them all coplanar.
Nice robot! Does the lift ever stall with only 4 motors?

It hasn’t stalled as of yet!

Cool robot! what is the gear ratio on the lift?


Pretty nice for movie maker :smiley:


if you have to, you could always slow down the outer wheels in the code