Sportsmanship is defined as: conduct (as fairness, respect for one’s opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing)

In VEX Robotics, this aspect is praised, a core value, and expected.

Sportsmanship does not only apply to when you’re competition at a tournament, driving your robots, but also with the online challenges as well. Where it is encouraged to vote for your team, it is in fact frowned upon to rate bad scores to your opponents. The truth of the matter is the judges will additionally pick teams that truly deserve being in the top 10 finalists. Please remember that just because the voting process is anonymous, does not make your bad scoring right. Please rate each video for what they truly deserve.

In addition, I know many of my team members spent countless hours working on their projects, as I’m sure many of yours did. Please keep in mind that “bashing” entries with bad votes and hurtful/rude comments JUST BECAUSE they’re your competition, hurts. A lot. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, and supported. Please keep in mind how you would feel if it were your entry.

Please rate each project for what they deserve and stay away from unsportsmanlike conduct.

Thank you

I definitely agree. There are real people behind each entry who care as passionately about them as they do their robots.

Take solace in the fact that every team is affected more or less equally. Also, these first few comments and votes are most likely those of the entry submitters looking for an early lead. Things will fall into place once the larger community takes control.

Always nice to see a vocal advocate of fair play. Good luck in all your challenges, guys.

The good thing is that the final judging isn’t community based, and there are a number of spaces for finalists that are judged. Hopefully with a bit of time the voting will normalise a bit and be a more accurate reflection of the community’s views of each award, so I wouldn’t be too worried about the scores as they stand now. I definitely agree with sparksgirl’s point though - even if you think you’re anonymous, just think how much it would suck if it happened to you.

There’s a difference between what is “legal” and what is “ethical” - it’s up to you to decide what type of person you want to be.

I totally agree and I also think that people should not have everyone perfect vote for you, yes I do think you can perfect vote yourself but don’t tell everyone to do that, let them judge your entrees for what they are

do the judges look at them at all before they decide the winner of the top 10?
or it it automatic top 10 user votes = finalists?

I believe it’s the top 6 after voting plus 4 that the judges select

This is correct. And I assume its based off of the percentages, right? This is my first year competing in the online challenges.

Good reminder about the sportsmanship

It should just be a judges decision. Otherwise it becomes “who has the most team members to vote it 100%”.

Supporting your own team or team members is pretty normal, but bombing other entries is not very nice. I’m guessing that if there’s a bunch of votes that are 0% and 1 that has 100%, those votes might be ignored in final scoring (before the judging).

Also, constructive criticism? I would say that’s even better than complements, so accept them graciously and use them to improve your work next year or in the future.

I was disappointed last night to see that someone gave my entry the lowest score possible and did not comment on my entry on how I could improve on that score for next year. Surprising I also saw that a lot of other entries had suffered the same fate.

this happened to me as well, and i was very dissapointed as I have put so much work into these challenges

well dont be disappointed…
they are obvious trolls that are trying to drag down your score because they are scared of your entry :slight_smile:

Thats a good way to look at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the first few votes must have been bad and the rest of them reasonable or supportive because the teams with more votes have higher scores. That’s both good, because everybody except the trolls must have voted nicely, and less good because people are only voting for either 1 or a few entries. Vote for all of them fairly because you might as well see what the other ones look like, not to mention respecting the fact that those people put that much work into them.

Someone just went through the website challenge and gave everyone 3 out of 100.

This kind of voting really sucks. Can people please give kind, honest votes instead of “sabotaging” other teams scores? And if you have ideas for improvements, please give ideas! No one will ever get better without knowing how.

Maybe team leaders could talk to their teams about sportsmanship?



I don’t really want to be the sad cynical guy, but ultimately there’s not very much we can do about people “downvoting” entries for no good reason. The only consolation is that you can pretty much rely on the judges to be fair, balanced, and qualified to make good decisions about the other teams that should qualify, and then select the appropriate winners. They’re intelligent enough to weed out any entries that have gotten unfairly high community votes.

How do you guys see what scores people gave? And I agree with all of you, the voting system is extremely flawed because it seems like everyone just clicks on all of the high videos and puts them down to bring their’s up. Someone left a comment on ours saying “way to ruin the best song ever” wow just wow

I think people are just doing to be funny to either bring their video up or their friends video up.

If anyone sees a comment like this send me a private message with the challenge name and the entry name and I will have the comment deleted. Thanks.