Spot Level of a Tournament

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Our team made it to the finals of a tournament and technically got the finalist award, but we never heard anything about qualifying to states/regionals. Is there a way to check the spot level on the competitions website to know if we made it to regionals?

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Check the awards tab for the tournament at robot events. Usually tournament finalist rarely qualifies unless it is a very large event.


You can reach out to your RECF Team Engagement Manager or Event Engagement Manager they should have that final decision.

And a reminder - Skills is a fantastic way to qualify for states/regionals. Any open slots at the end of the season will walk down the region’s skills list. And, at tournaments, dual-qualified spots goes down the skills scores at that tournament.


It is still early, so in some regions the qualifying levels for state/regionals may not have been set.

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Most local tournaments only qualify to states/regionals with Excellence and Tournament Champions, and the rest of the spots go to Skills (in my region, that’s how it is).

For all of the competitions my team has been to, finalist has qualified. As others have said, check the Robotevents page for the event under “awards”

They’re typically supposed to be done after the deadline to post qualifying events has passed, as that’s when EEMs are supposed to work with their EPs to determine spot levels.

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