Spray bottles

What are the bottles that teams are using at comps?

Probably staticide. It is highly probable that ESD (electrostatic discharge), causes problems to the V5 hardware, hence some teams use staticide to try to reduce that.
That being said, most any liquid could be placed in a spray bottle and sprayed, so I could be wrong.

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That’s a rather vague question. I’m assuming you are talking about air dusters (which are not normal spray bottles; they are pressurized). Teams turn them upside down to spray extremely cold liquid onto motors to cool them down after a match.


:joy: :joy: :joy:. We both came up with a good response. Yeah air dusters probably makes more sense.

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Most likely air dusters, very useful when you flip them upside down (creates ice :joy:), many teams use this to cool down their motors.

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Most EP’s use staticide, not teams. Most teams would have air dusters to spray their motors with via flipping the dusters upside down. :slight_smile:


why do you have to flip them upside down?

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That’s how you get the cold liquid

Basically, with air dusters they have a chemical in it to hold compression longer. But, if you spray the chemical, then it gets really cold. You can get the chemical out by turning the duster upside down, and when you spray it will get incredibly cold. It can get so cold that it can cause frostbite, so be warned


They also have an EXTREMELY potent bittering agent, so be warned again.


Hi guys, I just wanted to mention that the liquid that comes out when you flip the air dusters upside down can be very harmful to your motors in the long run. The cold liquid can flash freeze the components, kind of, causing issues in the future. I don’t know how long before the effects will happen, I just wanted to let people know, since I’ve seen a lot of teams do this and I don’t want them to hurt their motors. My team likes to use the dusters, but we don’t flip it upside down and just let the air flow cool the motors.


I don’t see how this could happen as long as the motors aren’t dunked in the liquid and it isn’t sprayed inside on the electrical components directly.

The good stuff is on the bottom bro

I don’t really know the why, I just know that pretty much everything I’ve looked at says not to turn it upside down, and one of our mentors did some research and says it can damage the motors, so I’m kind of going off of what they said. I doubt using it some will hurt your motors, but I just don’t want to see people damaging their supplies

The refrigerant condenses nearby water vapor, so if a motor isn’t given enough time to air out, you could have a short.

… which is why I qualified what I said with

and it isn’t sprayed inside on the electrical components directly.

Hmm, this sounds like a job for intakes.



I dont really see any damage occurring to the actual motor itself so much as it occurring to the motor casing.
But then again the motor casing should be durable enough for that. It can always just be replaced, especially with the amount of dead motors teams have :confused:

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