Spray Paint purchase

I have planned on buying some spraypaint for my robotics team, and on home depot i found this. Is this a good spraypaint?
Should I get matte, gloss, or semi-gloss?
If you have recommendations, feel free to comment.

Painting metal? Painting plastic?

The most important thing is surface preparation, if you want the paint to adhere. Clean the metal with mineral spirits or acetone before painting. The paint you have linked should work fine.

Painting plastic: look at my reply here: Plastic


If I were you I would get some self etching primer, and all-in-one colored heavy duty industrial enamel spray. For aluminium.

I use that paint for other metal projects that I do. I’m mostly a matte finish person, it seems to hide any defects a little better. You might want to test fly the gloss to see if that give you the shine you want. I’ve used this (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rust-Oleum-Stops-Rust-11-oz-Metallic-Black-Night-Protective-Spray-Paint-7250830/100124491) to get a more glossy black. They also come in other colors (I’m partial to John Deere Green) so you can go a little crazy.

@kmmohn has the key tip: clean, clean, clean. Get an old toothbrush and scrub in the holes and the inner corners.

Many, many, light coats is the other tip. I plan 3, coat 1, about 65-75% coverage, coat 2 takes you to 90-95% and the last coat covers the last 10%. If the holes in the metal are closing over you are painting too much. Remember to let it dry between coats in a DUSTLESS ROOM!!!

For VEX metal get two or three very long chopsticks and a piece of foam board 20x20’ Stick the chopsticks into the foam board and then put the metal part on the chopsticks. If you push them through holes, they will let the part “float” in the air. Paint, let dry, flip and paint the other side.

Metal painting with three light coats with dry time and an overnight dry time and the same process to paint the other side means plan two full days in your build cycle. Assembly needs to be a little gentle, you can mark the paint (keps nuts).

Good luck

(edited to add: The top spray paints are about $ 4 a can. The cheap spray is 0.88 (88 cents). Trust me, you will go through more than 4 cans of the cheap paint to do the same job as the best paint. It’s not worth it unless you are keen on being on a first name basis with the Home Depot clerks)


I recommend useing sandpaper or a file to rufin the matal