Sprockets setup I have question about

I’ve seen similar setup on some reveals and a planetary video thing but. I don’t know what the point of it is for.
I’d assume to reduce slop or increase efficiency and if it’s either of these things what’s the optimal place to it it and how important is it?

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all it does is tension the chain. dont use standoffs since they are metal (higher CoF) and cant spin (unless u do some jank stuff)
use math to find circumference for best placement or just guess
smooth spinny spacers are ideal if placed in the right area


Adding onto what Ethan said, it tensions the chain to reduce slop.

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So it’s used to make the chain not flop around?

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its used so that its not too loose or too tight. too tight means it can break (and adds friction) and too loose means it can fall off and adds slop

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That’s all I needed to know. Seems like it would be difficult to do in CAD so I’ll work on it when I start building my robot.

cad is fine for it cuz u can use math

this level of precision doesn’t really matter in vex tho unless you’re doing smth important. u can usually just brute force stuff with v5 lol


Well I’m trying to get 99% efficiency since the steel to nylon friction isn’t perfect is good enough. Also it’s a good excuse to add more pages to my notebook.

I mean I don’t know for sure if you are actually going to do this, but in my experience talking to judges they don’t really like it if you add extra pages just to fill space essentially… It appears to be much better if your notebook is as concise and detailed as possible without taking up a lot of space on the superficial parts.


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