SPs in Starstruck?


I was wondering how SPing will work in this new game. Lets say you are completely clean on your side of the field, and your opponents aren’t/can’t do anything do send some over to your side, how do you SP to improve qualification ranking?


i guess how close the matches would be for ex
if i scored 16 and you scored 14 the matches are pretty close so a stronger SP for me

This year instead of SPs, the tiebreaker will be Autonomous Points:

Does the 4 bonus points at the end of autonomous add on to your AP points in a match?

The first ranking is Win points, then auto points(4 for auto win, 0 for tie/loss) then SPs. There will be a lot of ties in WPs and APs, so SPs still matter a lot. Our plan for SPs is to crush in Auto, then respond to everything that your opponent does. Ex: They throw star over, you throw star back. Just leave some objects on your side for the whole game. You also get 4 points in match for winning auto.

SPs will still exist, they will just be third-basis ranking as opposed to second.

Is the Autonomous Points calculated as (4 for auto win, 0 for tie/loss)


Is Autonomous Points the total accumulated points earned in the autonomous period (14 pts for Red, 20 pts for Blue)?

Autonomous Points (AP) – The second basis of ranking teams. Autonomous Points are awarded in
the amount of Autonomous Bonus points earned by an Alliance in a Qualifying Match.

4 for auto win. It grants the number of auto bonus points as the AP, which is 4.

No, the AP is the total amount of points gained by your alliance in auto. As the 4 points won are won AFTER auto is over, they will not count to the total. They would also just make scores unreliable if counted.

I think due to the way тhat the game is scored this year, they added in APs because other wise you get more of a penalty for doing extreamly well. And to encourage more programming.

This is incorrect. You get the number of Autonomous Bonus points you scored in autonomous (as puzzler7 said).

Essentially, if you win autonomous you’ll receive 4 APs, otherwise you’ll get 0.

Thats how I interpreted it