does anyone have a good way to make a VEX robotics camera mount that has 2 axis’ that doesnt look wiered with a servo sticking out the side? im trying to make something as small as possible and im having trouble any ideas? im also trying to make it fast.

Mount the tilt servo underneath the camera and use chain/gears to transfer the motion up to the camera. That way you can conceal the servo motor inside your robot, while only the camera and the chain/gears will be “visible”. :slight_smile:

Where cAn you get a waireles camera for like under $50

I don’t think you can get a wireless camera for under $100. There was another thread a little while back that had several different cameras in it being discussed.

I know it is not coming out for a couple of years but I hear that the new VEX kit will have a camera with it.?

Here is a cheaper wireless camera.




also these are ones that won’t get interfered with phones.
u can attach then with the zip ties](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007P70A6/ref=dp_cp_ob_title_2/102-6218868-3518550)

im also trying to make it fast.

Why the rush?
You some kinda secret agent with no tech skills? lol JUST KIDDING
But really, why the hurry?

I would recommed using a “pin” camera. You can get those online at any surrvallance site.

It will more than likely have a camera but it wont be “years” before its released where did you hear that?

Tmax, do u think after a few years a the new vex version might have another screen built into the vex transmitter that receives video feed from the a secondary transmitter that attaches to the vex microcontroller

That would be very interesting and very useful if such a device was sold in the upcoming years. It would allow teams to solve problems with their robots by mounting it and watching the problemed area and it will make for some cool camera shots.

What would the screen display? Would it be a simple black and white screen or full LCD color? If it would be used only to diagnose where a problem was such as whether or not the code has downloaded correctly or whether or not the micro controller is receiving info would be interesting.

When I said diagnose a problem I meant binding parts that work fine normally but can bind up maybe just to see what is and is not woking. The screen would almost have to be full color LCD.

How would the the microcontroller know what parts were binding up?

i think wat he means is like you know wat is binding up you just cant see the problem and you put a cam in ther so you can dignose the problem

the controler with screen is a very good idea

a screen on the controller would be good,
but considing the probable size it would be very small.
Will there be a way to connect it to a computer,
or TV?

This is exactly what I meant thanks.

It would be nice but I dont see it happening. It will definately be a good seller. Cannons asked will it be hooked to a computer or TV or CAN it be hooked to one. Well its not production so I suppose it could be but im not the one making it.

you know like on the tv where you plug in the vcr with the red white and yellow ports well you could have thoes ports in the side of the controler and conect that to the tv

Now I don’t mean to be rude here but what difference would it make if you were looking for the binding through the camera or with your own eyes. You would still have to get down to look at the screen on the controller you might as well just look for the binding yourself instead of through a camera. It seems to me like an extra feature that would cost more than it’s worth.