Squarebot Modification

Hi everyone,

I am going to build my first bot, the squarebot from the vex starter kit. I was wondering if anyone can give me any step by step instructions on how to build an arm or gripper claw that attaches to the sqaure bot that can pick up various objects. I would really appreciate it if anyone could reply to this post and tell me how to build an arm on the squarebot.


Hey Everyone,

              I am going to build my first bot, the squarebot, from the vex starter kit. I was wondering if anyone has step by step instructions on how to attach a grabber arm to the squarebot that can pick up various items.


You can just attach it to the front of the bot. That is what I did.

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything that could help me to add on to the squarebot. Customizing a little would probably help me with my first upcoming regional competition. So if you have any cool things that you did with your squarebot that really changed it from the original form, please inform me. I heard larger wheels helped for some reason, can anyone clarify?


have you read the inventors guide? larger wheels allow the robot to go over bigger surfaces, also they have a higher top speed but a lower acceleration rate
i have never built the squarebot but i think adding the other wheels would be cool, have a different gearing to make it faster OR more torque and slower

if you just have the starter kit i dont think you could add an arm but you could probably add a little front gripper, try reverse engineering the new claw kit that just came out fo the VEXplorer (but dont just buy that that ruins the fun of the challenge)

Hi basicxman,

Thanks for the advice and info. It will really help me out on the competition. Sorry, i couldn’t find it in the inventor’s guide. Usually i look at the power and structure sections because i just want to make sure that the squarebot fits the rules of the competition. Did anyone do robo-cross in middle school? that’s what im doing this year in 6th grade.


I wish my school did that:( , but my school doesn’t even trust a student turning on a computer, never-mind build and program robots!!! (7th Grade)

lol im in grade 8 and we have a computer lab:D …filled with i macs:mad:

i dont do robocross because its in america and im in canada (travelling across the border can provide a lot of hardship for 20+ studens, + pass ports = 20 * $80 = :eek: :eek: :eek:

i wish my school did robotics but the computer lab is for classes and my school wouldnt do any thing like that they just retried for their levy and got it passed but im sure there not going to use all there money to start robotics
o well i think ill either join or start a team next year but i will probably go to atlanta to watch

I feel sorry for you Ryan, it sucks you can’t do anything with computers:( . But i got my dis advantages too. My science olympiad instructor is really horrible. He doesn’t have knowledge in any of the events. Usually the instructors are supposed to share their knowledge with the students, my instructor tries incredibly hard to get someone else to run the show. He hates his job. :mad:

Please keep your comments about your advisors and team to yourself. No good will come from airing them in a public forum.

its what robotics is all about
trying and failing and sometime succeding
u gotta figure it out and modify the hell out of some pieces if needed like i do, then when you go to build your next bot, mut all the pieces in the vice, and straiten them out again
the one thing that sucks for you though is you only have 3 motors and a servo, so you gott work with that to rig it up