Squared Away CAD

Was trying to find the pins that are in the scoring element cubes and the downloads on the VEX site do not include these. Anyone know where you can find truly all the VEX IQ parts in CAD?

Alternatively, I have the parts in SnapCAD, any way to get those converted over to STL files for 3D printing? (just for practice, I know they can’t be used in a real game)

Yes, you could probably do this.

SnapCAD is just an LDraw editor (a long-running open-source standard for LEGO CAD) pointed at a library of IQ parts. As such, you can use any LDraw editor with an “Export to STL” feature, point it at the IQ parts library, and export away.

One such editor is LDView. The IQ LDraw parts library can be downloaded separately from this page.


Normally there is CAD drawings with each item. In looking at the ones for pins, I got to this page https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexiq/resources/cad-snapcad

See if what you want is there

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