Squared away intakes or change up style intakes for pitching in

My team has been considering both of these options, but we just don’t know. Looking at the amount of balls, it seems like a change up style intake would work well. Especially because they are much more compact than squared away intakes when fitting under low bars. But squared away intakes are higher capacity. Just wondering what your thoughts were on this.

Change up intakes we’re only good for picking up one ball at a time, due to the ball size.

Edit: And also for descoring goals as said by @RoboCatz

If you look back at games with smaller balls (Nothing But Net, Turning Point, Any FRC Game, etc.), you’ll see that intakes that can pick up more balls performed better (sprockets with rubber bands, tread link rollers, etc.) . But seeing as all the balls are sort of spaced out, a change up style intake may work as well.

TL;DR: You should expect to have to pick up multiple balls at once, instead of one at a time.


Change Up intakes were necessary due to the goals. A top roller intake simply could not descore balls from Change Up goals. For Pitching In, I would not use Change Up intakes because there are no goals to descore balls from. Plus, they will be larger than a top roller intake system and may require motors (depending on how complex you want them to be).

A top roller intake system like what was used in NBN and TP would increase your intaking speed and cycle time. It would also allow your robot to easily gain the 5 points for clearing out the balls from their starting positions. Heck, it’s so good that even the hero bot for this year uses it!


I can confirm that a top roller works much better than two side rollers. I have tried both with a robot for this year, and not only do side rollers require more precise line-ups, but they take two motors, not to mention a motor for bringing it up to where you want it to go. A top roller uses only one motor instead of three. As far as the rollers themselves go, I found that “rubber band rollers” work very well.


Vex IQ tennis ball intake and catapult bot?
Does this help any?


its balls but you might be able to change it up some.