We tore apart the Squared-Away parts and started to put them into their piles of parts for their robots. After looking through the RULES it says we cannot use field elements for our robot builds.

The 1X beam pieces do not match up with our parts poster, but there are some pieces that can be purchased in bundles 1 x 12, 1 x 14, etc.

Are we allowed to use those 1X beam pieces from the Squared-Away Squares on our Robots?

Having read the game manual, you would have seen the reference to the legal parts appendix which you can find here: https://link.vex.com/docs/viqc-rise-above-LegalParts
It is this appendix, not a poster, that is the official list of legal parts. In general, every VEX IQ piece, that is parts with the VEX IQ hole grid, become legal parts for the next season. Specific field elements, like lengths of pipe and sheets of plastic, do not become legal parts.


Thanks @kmmohn good to know, I thought I can use rise above parts for next season robot building.