Squared Away - Show off your Sensors!

One of the big things in each game is to make the robot a smart partner. Teams do this by using a variety of sensors (line, touch, rotation counts in the motor, etc.)

To inspire other teams what kind of sensors does your robot have and what plan to do with the sensor? Here is a chance to inspire other roboteers.

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1 gyro
1 grayscale
1 TouchLED
2 bumpers
6 IME’s
and hopefully a vision sensor or another Grayscale sensor


Ok this is actually a really good idea

we use the gyro with a drift function in our position tracking (odometry) for our sequences a grayscale sensor to help line up when using sequences, a touch LED to indicate what stage the sequences are in and other info that can be communicated to the driver during a match, 2 bumpers, 1 for resetting the arm at 0 and the other to detect balls in intake, and the vision sensor if we get time and it is legal to get ball signatures and collecting them for auton skills and the IMEs for detecting how far a motor moved
hope this answers ur question


Do you know if the visions sensor is legal this year?

this was said in the Next Level Season

so I assume it is legal this season

if you are still wondering check on the official Q&A on robotevents

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Once the official parts appendix comes out it will be there one way or another.

It’s not in the VEX IQ product list yet… only EDR…

And I wouldn’t go by replies that start “Unofficial!”

We’ll see!

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i know , i am waiting for the parts list before i put it on my robot


Our team doesn’t have a great history with sensors. We can never get IQ gyros to work. The line tracker we make is ok, but just ok. This year we are hoping to spend more time programming our function commands. We will use gyro sensors for turning, color sensors for line tracking, and potentially vision sensors for finding balls and cubes in autonomous.

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i can PM you some code to help with Gyro. which makes it 99% accurate

I would love to see that code as well, @FlyingRobot2917X

can I have also the gyro accurate?

can I have the gyro code as well, please? being struggling with gyro drifting for a while. Thanks!