Stabilize the lift

Hello everyone, I’ve done a lift like that for my robot.

Can you give me some tips for stabilize it when the lift is raised or outspread?

Sorry for don’t show a better photo, but now I don’t have photos of it.


You need to add horizontal braces on the top and bottom (where allowable for your intake) on the diagonal members of your 6 bar lift. 2x C-channel on the top, and 5x C- channel on the bottom preferably. Also be sure to add elastics(rubberbands) to each pair of your horizontal bar to aid in the lift capacity and it will also help stabilize your lift. These 2 things should give you the stabilization you need for a 6 bar lift. :smiley:

I would highly recommend using long bolts and Nylock nuts instead of axles and collars in the lift’s intersecting joints. Though it doesn’t seem like a huge difference, it will save you from cutting axles to length, make the joints more secure, and make the mechanism more stable in general. I’ve never actually done a side-by-side comparison (I’ve used both, but they were on different lifts, so I can’t say with absolute scientific certainty because there was not a control), but in my experience, using long bolts instead of axles makes lifts much smoother, so long as the nut isn’t tightened to a great degree (use washers in between the nut and the bearing if necessary). Using bolts also reduces the profile of whatever goes through that joint, meaning that a bolt and a nut will take up less space than a small axle and two collars. It’s up to you whether you want to try it, but I believe it’s worth a shot.

I agree except that some people use shoulder screws instead of the regular screws (which is what I presume grammatically_uncorrect meant by “bolts”). The kind of shoulder screws Vex sells are not very good, but rule R7 allows you to buy shoulder screws from other vendors so long as they match the screw sizes and thread types that Vex sells.

They don’t even need to be the same size VEX sells, as long as they are in the list of allowed sizes.

If some of you guys know the model number to purchase these screws, can you share this info. Mcmaster-carr is so big it’s hard to find the right screws.

Thank you to everyone, I’ll try all you’ve told.

The bolts/ screws I was talking about can be found here. I would recommend either 1.5 inches or 2 inches as the length, but it depends on how wide your joints will be.

This is the page with the Vex identical style.

You want 8-32 button head screws in either 18-8 Stainless Steel or Black-Oxide 18-8 Stainless Steel.

Why you need smaller than 1/4" I don’t know but they sell them.

Vex prices on this part are generally better in the longer lengths.

1/8" 92949A187
3/16" 92949A189
1/4" 92949A190
5/16" 92949A191
3/8" 92949A192
7/16" 92949A193
1/2" 92949A194
9/16" 92949A819
5/8" 92949A196
3/4" 92949A197
7/8" 92949A198
1" 92949A199
1 1/8" 92949A820
1 1/4" 92949A201
1 1/2" 92949A203
1 3/4" 92949A205
2" 92949A207