Stabilizing the Scissor Lift

Has anyone ever created a program that in driver mode it reads the encoders to force the scissor lift to always stay at the same height, and if it gets off it would self align? I have no idea if that’s even possible, I know it is in auton but I have no idea if it would work with driver.

You can definitely run PID loops in driver control, and there are ways you can balance your lift with them too!

Yes. Definitely do-able.

The difference in the going up strength and going down strength may require two sets of constants. A Proportional loop with a hold strength can do it.

This is a common misunderstanding I come across with my students. They think there is something “special” about autonomous when it comes to programming.

Code is code. If you can do it in autonomous you can do it in driver control. The only question is…do you need it? Sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t.

We almost always have some autonomous control build into our driver control. Usually it is to be able to hold a lift in a set position, or automatically find a set position so that there is less human error when driving. (for example, last year we only had to push a button and the lift would automatically raise and hold at the correct height to stash bucky’s)

Thank you for the info guys!

I would definitely look into PID. Its can seem confusing to a novice programmer but it will really give you the result you are looking for.

Here is a good video that explains PID thats related to vex

There are many more online that can show you the basics of PID control, you just need to look around!

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We will look into that. Thanks!