Stabilty of PROS

I’ve been experimenting with PROS over the summer, and I really like it. Now that my team is starting to get to the phase where we should start programming for real, I’ve brought it up with them, and they also like it, but they’re concerned about how battle hardened it is. People who have used it for competition season, tell your story (I remember that @Cody did this at one point), potentially compare and contrast experiences of working with both systems. Thanks!

We (NAR) used it during the Toss Up world championship. We had zero issues and we asked a lot out of it.

The Purdue team was super approachable and (albeit a little secretive about their robot, which admittedly we were very curious about) were an absolute joy to hangout with.

I did have some teething issues getting everything setup on OS X, my MacBook Pro 2013 only had USB 3.0 ports which confused the code downloading utility, but James saved the day by suggesting that I use a USB 2.0 hub between the laptop and the Cortex (which to my surprise worked like a charm), the issue came down to VEX or PROS or whoever made the USB 3.0 chip in my mac improperly handling the USB specification. it may have been addressed by now, not sure.

So yeah, maybe don’t mix USB 3.0 and PROS for now. But heck, try getting ROBOTC running natively on OS X hehe.

Having some terminal experience helps but it isn’t necessary. PROS has a built in terminal and aside from following a tiny guide to set it up, it’s not complicated at all.

Eclipse is amazing, it’s still my favorite IDE (although I really like JetBrains and Sublime Text as well). Learning Eclipse will give you skills that will be useful outside of VEX.

The other thing I want to point out is that PROS is basically done. It’s been out for a while now and provides the functionality that it provides. The fact that no one is really making any crazy changes to it could be seen as a good thing. I mean I’m sure some bug fixes will happen, but no one’s going to drop the floor out from under you with any of the foreseeable updates to PROS for the Cortex.

IDK, would highly recommend. You already knew that though.

Hit me up if you need help.