Stack height v's speed

As robots are progressing to become better at stacking cones which do you prefer? Stacking a lot of cones, or stacking less cones but faster? As seen in the China matches people have made lifts that are able to stack around 18 cones, but they aren’t the fastest robots either. Others have focused on stacking like 12 cones, but almost have a 1cps speed. Any opinions?

It really depends on what limits you. If you feel limited by not being able to stack high enough, then redesign for higher stacking, even if it means a slower speed. If you’re limited by your speed, then redesign to be able to stack faster, even if it means a lower stack height.
I think that stack height is really important, because in finals matches, (where you will be on an alliance with someone as good as you), you have to be able to stack higher. Say you need to stack on two mobile goals and have a fast stacker, but you can only stack 8 cones. In that case, you will be done within 40 seconds and have nothing to do, when you could have much higher stacks.
On the other hand, those China robots, like:

are really unnecessary. They sacrifice speed for cone stack height that they don’t need in the first place. My opinion is that, in many cases, you should go for speed over stack height. But if that becomes a problem, then stack height is better.
By worlds I expect to see stacks of 15-20 cones being made just as quickly as shorter cone stack robots we see today.

That’s a good insight. In the recent 152 point match they prove that you can score more faster with less cones stacked, I think they had a 13 stack as their “highstack” and they scored 152, and in this China match it was only 136. Strategy plays a huge role in this game as 1970k and their alliance 1008m could have saved time for another cone or 2 by placing the mobile goal in the 5 pt for the high stack bonus.