Stack Height?

About how high can you safely stack the cubes in the allotted timespan?

It depends on the type of robot. Tray boys cannot build on top of pre-existing stacks, but can stack a lot of cubes at once. Other robots like robots with big claws (2-4 cubes capacity) or “cube-tubes” (2-4 cubes capacity) can build upon pre-existing stacks but take more time. As for the other types of robots, it depends on the type of lifts. It would be different per each robot, as some teams might just want to reach the height of the highest tower, and no taller than that.

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Max height theoretically possible is 66 x 5.5" = 30’4"

Dropping a cube on someone from that height would be dangerous, so I’d put the maximum safe height of stacking somewhere around 22 cubes. At ~10’ high, a cube-fall onto a person would be painful but not risk any kind of serious injury to someone standing up.

Stacking that many cubes in one stack would be difficult, but it could certainly be accomplished in 2 minutes with the right robot and your partner’s help. So I’ll go with ~22 as my answer. Much higher than that and you risk giving someone a really good whack on the noggin if a cube or robot falls from that height.


Are EPs supposed to assure they have a venue with this clearance?


Wouldn’t want to limit student’s creativity right? :grinning:


Can and should are two different questions. The above posts answer pretty well how high you can safely stack (though some research on concussions would have to factor into a complete analysis).

But I’m not sure that’s what the OP wanted answered.

I interpret the question as:

How high should one attempt to stack cubes whilst minimizing the risk of a toppling tower?

In that case, it does completely depend on the robot. By Worlds, I expect to see stacks of 11-15 in matches, and maybe as high as 19-20 in Skills. But that’s with a full season of tuning and perfecting.

Right now, I’d top out my match stacks at 9-11 (tops) and Skills around 14. But I’m sure others will disagree with me on both ends of the spectrum.


at 20 cubes things would start to get really sketchy and funky. I could imaging vibrations from robots just driving near the stack could topple it. or if the venue had a light breeze. or if the opposing team exhaled (that would be DQ by the way).

I would estimate seeing no more than 11-13, at least until robots get godly.


Done! Come to the Delmarva Championship! Clearance is 32’!!!


If they have in intake which also reaches that height, with the height of the cube pass through, it would be 60 feet.

That one robot that stacks every cube on the field in one stack

Ahem: I mean one stack

EPs hate him! Learn how to stack 66 cubes in one zone by clicking here now! Ultimate Stack Height


Thank you so much, I should probably word my questions a little more specifically. :sweat_smile:


what is the biggest robot when expanded in vex competitions

Probs a wall bot

1471 from Toss up I think

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Yeah reached both corners of the field, about 17’ across I think


Wow, that’s insane. I wonder if anyone could beat that record.

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With the auto line here and probably staying, I doubt anyone will unless you count tethers, in which case the NorCal wallbot would be in contention with a hypothetical 16 foot tether between the robots and even more strong between the tethers and the walls.

You should go for 66 cubes per stack in the high tower, I find using macros works best, good luck


our robot can stack 9 cubes comfortably and that is probably gonna be the max we will get for the whole season.