Stack of Zero vs. No Stack

This is intended for the Q&A once it is created.

The definition of highest Stack is

And a Highest X Stack (where X is a zone or stationary goal) is

I was wondering if an empty mobile goal in a zone for an alliance (let’s say red) would result in that alliance being given the highest stack bonus over an alliance with no mobile goals in that zone.

For example:
Red alliance has 3 mobile goals in the main area of the field, and 1 mobile goal in the 10 point zone with no cones stacked upon it.
Blue alliance has all of its mobile goals still in the main area of the field in starting position.
Would the stack of zero for red alliance compared to the stack of null for the blue alliance in the 10 point zone give the red alliance a 5 point bonus?

I just want some clarification on this to clear up any ambiguity. And, while it is in the general forum, what people believe the proper answer is.

I’m inclined to say it should count. The set that contains the empty set is bigger than the empty set itself.

But an empty goal will not have a stack. Without a cone, there wouldn’t be a stack. So it doesn’t matter if there is a goal or not because in both cases, there is no stack and therefor cannot be the “highest stack”. Kinda like how if there were goals with the same stack, there probs won’t be any highest stack either.

Purely for competition reasons, I’m inclined to believe that the stack of zero is greater than no base whatsoever. This is because the stack of zero at least requires the alliance to do something, they changed the field to their favor.

In my opinion, a goal with NO stack is equivalent to no goal. It is not a continuum, but a binary. There is either a stack (which implies at least one cone) or there is NO stack. A goal without a cone cannot, in my opinion, count as a higher stack than no goal as neither is a stack.

I would have to agree with this interpretation. Just based on the definition of a stack, null is not a valid value. No goal being in the zone is still a stack of height 0 and therefore a goal with a stack of height 0 is no different in terms of receiving the bonus.

I would also agree but with your reasoning, if here was a goal in a zone. Let’s just say the 20 point zone with no cone on it, would it still count for 20 points?

The goal would still count as 20 points because it is still scored in a zone giving it a point value based off the zone.
You couldn’t give a zone +5 if the goals have no stacks. I compare this to a test with a bonus question, why give someone +5 if they didn’t even attempt the question? However, they still deserve full credit on what they did accomplish.


I think you will have to have cones on the goal to get the bonus for highest stack. Look at the definitions.

Highest Stationary Goal Stack – The Stack on a Stationary Goal with the most Cones.
Highest 5 Point Zone Stack – The Stack on a Scored Goal in 5 Point Zone with the most Cones.
Highest 10 Point Zone Stack – The Stack on a Scored Goal in 10 Point Zone with the most Cones.
Highest 20 Point Zone Stack – The Stack on a Scored Goal in 20 Point Zone with the most Cones.

Two elements of the definitions are key here. “The stack ON a scored Goal” “with the MOST CONES”

In other words, there must be a stack on the goal and you must have cones to have the most cones.