Stacked Cones

Hey, I was looking through the rule manual when I saw SG9. I was kind of confused because initially I thought that you could hold stacks of cones that were not on the mobile goal. When reading this again it made it seem like it you could only hold stacks of cones that are on the mobile goal.


You can only hold stacked cones if they’re on top of the mobile goal. Keep in mind that you can only possess 1 cone, meaning that if you hold the stacked cones DIRECTLY instead of holding the mobile goal with the stacked cones, you will be prone to possession.

This thread helps.

You have to have a Mobile Goal on the bottom, otherwise none of the Cones would be considered Stacked.

Please look through the forum before posting, as this has been answered at least twice already.

My first response is to remind you to look through the forum first as this question has been asked and answered many times. You may NOT carry stacks of cones that are not on a mobile goal, you are not allowed to carry more than one cone at a time. “Stacked” cones do not count against this, however the definition of “stacked” are cones that are “stacked” on a goal. Therefore, you may carry a mobile goal with “stacked” cones plus one un-“stacked” cone. However, if you are carrying a mobile goal with “stacked” cones, you may not touch any of the cones in the “stack” as that caused them the cone you are touching (and any above it) to be un-“stacked” and you would be in violation. If you touch the top cone in the “stack”, that counts as un-“stacked” and you may not then have an additional un-“stacked” cone. This is the interpretation of the rules so far. I am sure that more clarification will come later.