Stacker Questions

My team just finished the base of our mechanism, which will become a tray stacker. I just have a questions.

  1. How do I build an Intake Roller?
  2. What Mechanism should I make to have my tray stacker lift?
  3. How would I build such mechanism?
  4. How do I add support to my Tray Stacker (it seems flimsy)
    Thanks in advance!!!

Please put this thread under the right catagory; I’m assuming this is meant to be for tower takeover, not Vex IQ?

Also there are many different threads that can help you with this. Try to do some research first because were not going to give you step by step instructions on how to build an intake. They vary for every robot.

But to give you some ideas:

Look on YouTube (search “vex tower takeover”) and you will find many helpful reveal videos that show how teams built their manipulators and such.

If you are going for the tray bot design, 1961z’s video and 448x’s video are two great examples.
Hope this helps!