Stacking Cones

Hey guys! We wanted to ask something we haven’t been able to find anywhere else. As the rules of this year’s game “In The Zone” says, a robot may not possess more than one cone at a time. However, it says that stacked cones don’t count towards the Possession limit, and it shows an example of having stacked cones on a mobile goals. What would happen if someone stacked yellow cones without having them stacked in a Mobile Goal? Would this be illegal? Our thoughts of this are that this strategy is legal becaause the rules don’t say that it HAS to be in a mobile goal, but any help clearing this will be appreciated.

Well according to the definition of “stacked” from page 9 of the manual (important text in bold):

So in order to be “stacked” the cone has to be on a mobile goal.

@ET phone home @Coffee we didn’t remember that, you guys are right, thank you very much for your quick response