Stacking cubes on the auto loader

May a robot stack a cube on the auto-loader while a sky rise is in it, and then pick up the skyrise section in a way that in lifting the section they lift the cube as well.
I have found no rules against this, but i would like to make sure that this procedure is legal.

Unless a referee deems the cube to be out of play on the autoloader, in my humble opinion, I feel it should be legal, especially since there is absolutely no reference to cube on auto-loader contact within the manual, and any person with logic can argue that since it isn’t there saying it’s illegal, it’s legal.

I agree, in my opinion is HAS to be legal. It can’t be considered “out of bounds” because if it is, then any cube that at any time passes the plane of the field walls needs to be considered out of bounds and replaced on the field, which simply isn’t the case. Every time you score on a post, you are passing just as far beyond the field perimeter as you would be if loading a cube and skyrise section at the same time.