Stacking Higher: Tech Discussion and Videos

Sorry the late input; Personally I think the biggest problem with even an ideal version of a passive intake (like the string in the video by Codec or rubber bands in the video by anomoly, “the ultimate passive intake” ) is the way the field is setup and will end up. There wont be many stacks existing on the field that could be picked up, and most cubes will lay flat on the floor. Those designs imply picking up cubes by completely enclosing them, and it looks like a majority of cubes in the beginning lay touching each other’s sides, making it more difficult to get completely around them. This sort of layout (scattered cubes) will also most likely continue throughout the match, as teams move the cubes around as they gather them, and most likely no large stacks will be created in the open field, available for pick up. It seems like that design is less efficient for picking up cubes all laying flat on the floor that are not stacked on each other, and are contacting the sides of other cubes. What do you guys think, am I missing something?