Stacking on premade stacks

Should we stack on premade stacks with a tray lift? Is it worth it? This comes from another thread where some one mentioned that it wouldn’t be worth it.

from RD4B With Tray - Attached to Lift or Base?

You are wasting time by stacking on stacks. Have a longer tray and that’s it. Stacking on stacks is an idea floated time and time again but it has yet to work out for any of the lift tray bots, me included. You’d need a boatload of bands to lift enough cubes to make scoring on top of a pre-existing stack worth it. You’re more than likely going to topple the stack. All of this is true of course only if your robot is able to remain steady and not itself topple from all that weight going up.

E: misread the OP. I’m going to reiterate though that stacking on stacks is not worth it imo.

I made some edits to the original post. The reason why I made this thread is to further explore whether stacking on preexisting stacks is viable, hence the uncanny similarity between the scenarios.

What’s your idea of stacking on premade stacks? 9 onto 3? 3 onto 9? 7 onto 7?

It’s a dilemma because the more cubes you lift the harder it gets, but as you go up it’s easier to lift more cubes.

With a traybot? No, I havent seen it either

Also I think we’re at a point where 11 cube trays will clear the field. Why stack atop a stack when you can just use both scoring zones? Scoring atop a stack won’t help you hoard cubes either, If you’re expecting to snatch up a higher amount of cubes.

I was thinking that it would be easy to put 4 cubes on a stack of roughly 8. 11 cube trays would also become pretty difficult to drive without lots of drive practice because the tray would hit towers easily, However, this can be helped with drive practice, but it is still a problem.

That’s at least somewhat reasonable. Lift up 4 cubes and intake the top cube on the stack, then score that 5 atop the now 7 stack for a total of 12. You’re right that 11 cube trays are difficult to drive. Their CoG is biased heavily towards the rear of the bot. This can be mitigated with sliders, though.

It’ll be really cool to see a robot which stacks atop a pre-existing stack. You can definitely do it! Make sure that you leave lots of space for rubber bands. Space is probably the most important resource when talking about lift tray bots. My bot is 26 holes wide and I’ve been challenged frequently to find space to place rubber band mounts. The tray and tilting mechanism severely limit your ability to place mounts on the inside of your structure.

Stacking on stacks is pretty much only viable early season in qualifiers imo, when you might have a not so good traybot as a partner.

But other than than, a dr4b might as well be a dedicated tower bot. The only time I see having a lift would be useful is when it’s a tray lift. Other than that, other designs like cube tubes and others arent too great

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