Stacking Stars

In an earlier thread, it was mentioned that the stars stack really well and that stacking them would save lots of space. Stacking the stars either after intaking them or while intaking them seems like a pretty interesting and niche challenge. I had an idea to have a vertical intake (either after a main intake or as the main intake, it doesn’t really matter) that would dump the stars into a basket from greater than 12" up. Do you guys have any ideas?

Here’s the thread:

I think stacking could be pretty useful for storing objects until the last few seconds of a match, so you could throw them over and overwhelm your opponent. However, It seems like even when stacked the objects take up so much space that you could only store a few in your robot even if it expands. IMO your best off stacking them on the ground then picking up the stack and hurling it over at the end.

My expanded dumper robot can hold up to 12 stars not touching each other (I tested using paper triangles) so if I can put them in stacks of two, I can hold every star on the field.

Hmmm… I was playing around with this when a first got the stars, They can really easily be stacked 2 high but when you add a 3rd one it doesn’t work out unless you have some guide holding it up.