stacking strategy?

which one is more reasonable: taking the mobile goal with you and stacking on it or just taking cones & stack on the nearby mobile goals?

@Trubotics definitely the former, as it’ll take less time to line up cones, and you dont have to take 2 trips just to dump 1 cone (1 out and 1 back)

but it think that the cones are all placed close to the mobile goals so that building something else to hold the mobile goal just seems useless

I would have to agree with @9065_parker on this one. Its just more efficient in the long run and will save lots of time and moving.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or even hold the goal up. Just something easy to keep the goal in the robot’s position should be enough.

I have to disagree with you, this year now that there is robot to robot contact again, the opposing robots can get in your way and you will have a harder time scoring on a goal if you don’t have it. Storing the mobile goal and bringing it around has many advantages

  1. it makes it more difficult for the opponent to defend
  2. only one trip per cone
  3. can score faster
    The field will be so messed up after autonomous that they won’t be close anymore. You also have to remember that there are 2 opposing robots going for the same cones in the same areas. Your opponents can’t grab your goal but they can push them which means in takes longer to score and you might not be able to score on that goal at all.
    Also you can make it so that you easily score the cone with the precision needed if you are not brining it

If you have a robot that is always carrying a mobile goal around you may have to sacrifice speed on the drive to increase torque to be able to withstand the extra weight of the goal which increases the time it takes to drive to the cones.

That isn’t always the case but if it is, the time change is not that big, so overall it is more efficient.

Not necessarily. I have a drive that’s considered fast and it can push mobile goals around. Intaking them shouldn’t be too much of a difference

If your drive can’t handle a stack of cones you won’t have a chance at the 5 point bonus in the 10 and 20 point zones. Another point is while your arm is stacking the most recent cone on your mobile goal in your robot, you can drive to the next cone

These stacks with only 3 cones will be 4 1/2 pounds already. With every cone you add, you just make your task harder. It will be hard to carry these goals. The game designers wouldn’t have designed an easy game.

The heaviest weight by far is the mobile base itself, nearly 4 pounds. The cones themselves weigh next to nothing (118 grams). To give you a metric, ~14 cones is the equivalent weight of one mobile base.

Ayyy 118

You cant take the goal with you and stack cones because you can only have on in possession at a time or you are dq.

The point is to move the mobile goal to a universal point of access, where you can grab cones and move the goal easily from that position. Cones will need to be stacked on a mobile goal to grab several at a time, so obtaining a mobile goal and dragging it around the field may be necessary to save time.


So if they’re stacked you can carry them

Can you stack multiple mobile goals on top of each other to transport them if you could transport them faster? This would require max torque, but would it be legal due to the one-object limit?

the bottom of the mobile goals are flat, and expecially heavy, you cant stack them (easily)

@GB11 But pushing and pulling is relatively easy, even with a sizable stack on them.

It’s a one cone limit. Mobile goals don’t factor towards that limit.