Stacking up vex balls

Hey guys I was just wondering if there was an easier way to stack up the nbn balls. Using your hand can be a pain at times b/c balls roll a lot. Is there anything that someone has built or something?

A neighboring district of ours is creating a plastic rack for resetting balls, it’s similar to a billiard ball rack.

cool do you have any pics of it or how they are building it

I haven’t seen the prototype yet. I believe they might be using an injection mold??? Maybe a 3D printed prototype… I’m not sure if their printers are large enough for that or not.

I believe once they have the design all set, they were going to make some to sell to neighboring VEX teams.

I’ll post details if I see it in action.

I would imagine someone good at woodworking could make a couple of these themselves with not too much trouble.

That’s very cool. maybe ill try to make one out of vex parts. Ill upload a pic if it works

I made this in about a minute, but it works pretty well.

It’s just three 1x25 metal sheets.

It looks great thx for sharing

Here is a picture of those ball reset jigs for the Nothing But Net game. It looks like they have enough to put them up for sale, I imagine they will be on their website soon. They are light weight and really well designed.

Lol I’m assuming you are surrounded by vex metal, just build one.

I’ll buy some!!

It looks really good. Do you know the team’s website or which CAD they used to build it?

The team who had these made is the RoboDawgs. They are a school robotics program in Grandville, MI.

I am sure they plan on selling these on a website.

Here are a couple of links to their different web sites…

TheRoboDawgs on Facebook

[RoboDawgs on Wordpress

You may be able to find contact info on one of those sites. As soon as I have info on where they will have these for sale I will post a link. They have these already made so I don’t think it will be long before they have them for sale.

The reports are that with these, and a couple of other tricks, they were able to shave the 6 to 7 minutes field reset time down to 1 to 2 minutes. For those people who are running a tournament, cutting that time down is pretty important.](“”)

Here you go! This is a link to the article about it:

Here is the link to the store to buy them:


The engineering work behind these set up triangles was done by a freshman Robodawg, Elisa La Barge. She designed them using Solidworks. These parts are vacuum formed from ABS plastic. Here are photos of her working on the molds:

Pretty cool. These are going to be great.

So I appreciate the work that the Grandville team did and I think that the pricing is probably pretty reasonable and I may even buy a set but I can’t get past the fact that it is nearly impossible to get the field set up without a device.

Can some folks please share their experiences with stacking balls for real gameplay? Do the stacks stay up? Do the racks help?

Disclaimer: I am a long time EP, our events are coming up at the end of the month and I am getting very concerned about this issue.

I can ask around :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So in New Zealand they have been able to get 4 minute match cycles with 2 fields. It appears the main thing slowing matches down is still teams getting into position and setting up.

I would assume there isn’t much of an issue doing it by hand because the balls have good traction on the foam tiles.

That is true

Once the people doing field reset have had some practice it goes much more quickly. Our event partner used some base plates and some screws to make a device that leaves temporary indentations in the field so the balls are less likely to roll away.