"stall" in claw

Our team has been having this problem with our claw that the arms(of the claw) don’t stay squeezed on a cube or star.
For example, they will go on the cube, squeeze (grip the cube), and then they just open up a couple millimeters which loosens its grip on the cube.
Can someone help us with how we can keep the claw’s grip?
Also this only occurs in autonomous because we can’t keep the button pressed (that closes the claw), butin driver control wecan just keep the button pressed.

I’m sure someone must have had this problem as well


One simple option that I have used in the past is just to have a second button that, when pressed, runs the claw motors at 30% ish or like 30/127 and it’ll have enough pressure to hold the stars/cubes. Also, you can make you claw with elastics pulling it closed.

We tried the rubber bands idea but it didnt really work
Have you tried the motors at 30% before and won’t that stall the motors

I just solved this issue today for my team. We we use a potentiometer detect when the claw is closed, and apply 40 power (out of 127) to keep a grip on our stars/cubes. This setup allows the driver to not use any extra buttons except for open and close.