Stall Torque of 100 RPM, 200 RPM, and 600 RPM V5 Mototr?

The vex site only tells us the Stall torque of one of those, which is 2.1 Nm

That’s for the 36:1 gears (orange red, 100rpm).
for 18:1 (green) it’s half that, 1.05Nm, for 6:1 (blue) it’s 0.35Nn.

also, remember that we are limiting to that number in the firmware, the theoretical stall torque for the motor is higher. See the graph on the motor dashboard in the V5.

Thank you @jpearman

Orange? Did you mean red.

yea, probably. The beta motors were orange, it probably changed for production like lots of other things.

My beta motors also had red inserts…

The plot thickens