Stalling Problems

Hi our robot has been having some stalling problems. I will run good for about 30sec but, then it will start twitching (stalling). Any advice on fixing this issue will me much appreciated!

What is your motor distribution?

Also what gear ratio are you running. Internally and externally?

The twitching indicates that:

Also make sure to check each axle for friction, this is often the cause of stalling. If neither of these work, you may need to decrease the gear ratio.

I find that very offensive to our team please delete that post.

We checked all the friction problem was fixed after we added another motor on the drive. Our motors were overheating (pulling too much current). Once we added the another motor is balanced out. Thanks!

Torque motors 1:5

oh sorry wrong recording :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this for your drive base? That is a very high ratio for a drive if so

I had this problem earlier with my turbo x-drive. I changed the motors to high speed and it has worked perfectly since. 1:5 is a very high ratio, and I would advise decreasing it; maybe to 1:3.

he never mentioned what he was using the ratio on, it could very well be his lift, as 1:5 works very well

My team had a similar problem on stalling then shacking First check for damaged wires, then try new code, after that replace all your electronics.