Stampede Showdown - Spin Up Signature Event

Hello everyone,

We are very excited to announce that the Stampede Showdown, Canada’s first Signature Event, will be hosted in Calgary, Alberta, from February 3-5. We look forward to welcoming the best teams from all over the world to compete for a chance at becoming Canada’s first Signature Event Champion.

Registration for the event is already open! The RobotEvents page can be found here: Stampede Showdown Signature Event | HS & MS Blended : Robot Events.

Check out the event trailer here: Stampede Showdown Trailer - YouTube

Here’s a bit of important information regarding the event.

This 120-team tournament is open to both MS and HS teams. The event is three days long; please check the robot events agenda for a detailed itinerary.

Despite COVID plaguing events for the past two years, we are confident that this event will proceed. As of right now, travelling to Canada is open to all foreign, fully vaccinated citizens (check this link to see if you can travel to Canada: HOWEVER, this restriction will likely be lifted soon, so check back at the robotevents page frequently. We will keep both this post and the Robotevents page updated with the latest travel restrictions from the Canadian Government.

The tournament will be hosted at the BMO Centre, Calgary’s largest convention centre and home of the Calgary Stampede (A world-famous 10-day outdoor festival). We will have plenty of space for competitors, audiences, and booths for local companies, similar to the World Championship.

We are currently working on a hotel group plan for the event. Updates and information regarding hotels and food will be found on the robot events page.

Calgary is located in the heart of the Rockies. We are only a 1-hour drive away from Banff and Lake Louise. In addition, there are several attractions to visit in the Calgary area, and we’re working hard to provide teams with the best experience possible. Canada has a very diverse and rich history, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Please feel free to leave questions or concerns below; we will get back to them as soon as possible!

Finally, Calgary is renowned for its unpredictable weather. The competition days could be a warm summer day or a blizzard or both. Please dress and pack accordingly.

Western Mechatronics and 210Y Robotics.


The link doesn’t work how you posted it. Here it is.


Dear Teams,

We have a bit of information to share with you all.

We recently got informed that we are legally not allowed to call the Signature event the “Stampede Showdown.”

Effective immediately, the tournament is now known as the Mecha Mayhem VEX Signature Event.

We want you to know that this doesn’t affect the tournament schedule, timing, quality, or any aspect. We are only changing the name, so we don’t get in legal trouble.

On the other note, we are finalizing our hotel discounts and shuttle services for the event. We strongly recommend that you book with us because we will provide shuttles to and from the event and airport. Furthermore, each hotel will have practice arenas for teams to practice at. The shuttle service will be complementary, and the hotels will range from $100 - $180 CAD per night. I will send a separate email will be sent out once they are ready.

We have many exciting plans yet to come, and we are excited to have you join us for the event!


Might I recommend that you change the event trailerto better reflect this naming change as to not cause any confusion and/or any further legal troubles.


Thank you for the recommendation.

We’re in the process of changing the video to reflect the name change.


Why is the name Stampede Showdown a problem? US trademarks, if so, why does it matter in Canada?

The name is a problem because the venue we are hosting belongs to the Calgary Stampede.

If we used the word Stampede, then it affiliates them with the event, which is why we are prohibited from using it.

It’s not a trademark thing.


Ah, got it! Best wishes for event! Always awkward to rebrand for what ever the reason.

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Yes, and big Brands protect them. Like any event with Olympic or Olympics in the name. Why do many events in February are Listed as Superb Owl.

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The new trailer for the event is now up.


How did changing the name double the square footage?


We doubled the venue’s square footage once we realized how much space we needed. We were originally going to go with 50,000 sqft, but 100k sqft works better with what we are trying to do.

Since we couldn’t update the video before, we updated it now when we changed the name.


Everyone knows to remove a Stampede you just add space.


Hi Everyone,

I have some exciting news to share.

Starting September 30, Canada no longer requires proof of vaccination in order to enter the country!

If any teams are worried about potentially being stuck in Canada or not being able to attend, this removes any restrictions on travel. subject to change depending on what the Candian Government does

Furthermore, our hotel discounts have been posted, and they only cost $99 CAD per night. The hotel will also feature a meeting room with an arena set up for teams to practice and scrim at free of charge. Details are on the RobotEvents page.

We welcome teams from all over to attend the Mecha Mayhem Signature Event! You won’t want to miss it.


I really want to go, but my coach only does ct and ma events exept for one in ohio for high schoolers and worlds. Well, enjoy and I am happy our neibors up north are participating more in vex. Best of luck with the event.

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Hi Everyone,

A few more updates from us.

I am pleased to show the initial designs for the custom trophies awarded at the signature event.

We also got a second hotel discount for teams that want a larger suite to stay in. They start at $149 CAD per night and will also include the complimentary practice room with a practice arena. Check the Travel tab on RobotEvents.

Sandman Signature ($99CAD/night)

Sheraton Suites ($159CAD/night)

We have a lot more exciting news to share as we get closer. I can’t share any images yet, but we will be offering Mecha Mayhem merchandise and the opportunity to purchase extremely cheap anodized metal ($3CAD + base metal cost per piece).

There are still many spots left, so make sure to register! [Mecha Mayhem Signature Event | HS & MS Blended : Robot Events]

If you need any accommodations, let me know or send me DM