Stand off on shaft

Does anyone know how to connect a stand off to a shaft? I see people do this but I can’t find anything in my vex kit that would allow me to do such a thing.

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To my knowledge, connecting a stand off to a shaft is impossible to do easily. What you are probably seeing is a screw joint connected to a standoff.

I’ve never seen a shaft paired with a standoff, but suspect they are using an 8x32 die to thread the shaft. Do a search for tap and die to see how they work.


Just one thing next time remember to tag this topic properly next time, this should either be in EDR general discussion or tower takeover discussion. I don’t think there’s anyway to connect a standoff directly to a shaft, maybe they linked to an axle serving as a shaft.

My mistake. I am new to here. An what I am seeing is a stand off being screwed onto a shaft collar. My mistake.

To do this, you can use a standoff coupler, which crews into the shaft collar and then into the standoff.


but aren’t the shaft collar and standoffs different screw sizes? I know that’s how my teams shaft collars and stand offs are.

No, they are both 8/32. I think you’re referring to the drive sizes (the shaft collar inserts are 5/64).

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Okay that makes sense, I was thinking about the set screws that go in the shaft collar. Thanks, for your help

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