Standard Net Set-Up

One thing I noticed while setting up our field was that if you do not make the net properly taught, the balls will catch at the wall sort of like a hammock.

Obviously we just tightened the net, but I was looking through the manual and the Appendix A, and there seems to be no mention of the standard “taught-ness”. I fear that this may be a major discontinuity between events this year. The Rule book may benefit from some sort of note to insure the net must be pulled tight.


I haven’t gotten my game set yet (haven’t ordered it yet), but it seems like the time for that to get taken care of is in manufacturing. That part should have been made so that a standard tautness is achieved. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case. That being said, it would be hard to specify a tautness. I can see how that could make a huge difference from one event to another.

I think it would be reasonable for a ref to get the ball un-stuck if it were to become caught in the net.

It might be worth asking this on the Q&A. I would, but i haven’t paid the $150 entry fee

I wonder if the balls get caught on the wall, they would technically be outside the field. If they are considered outside the field, then the ref can put them back in.

That is not supported by the rules

oh woops sorry

it’s cool I thought about that too

Can you ghost write a question and PM it to me?

For those of you that want to follow along at home.