Standoff internal stacker

Hi everyone, I am confused about how to make an internal stacking mechanism out of standoff’s like many teams. Could someone get some CAD designs and pics of theirs?

It’s the same as a normal four bar. Replace the c-channels with standoffs. Instead of linking them normally, screw them into the set screw hole of a collar. You’ll have to power the axle that the collar is on to move the four bar.

Here the screw pointing vertically down would connect to the standoff, while the screw going horizontally would become an axle to power it. It can remain as a screw on the joints that don’t need to be powered.

There are other ways you can figure out to do the same task if you get more creative.

You can also use the black clamping collars, since they are plastic there will be less friction than the metal collars.

Dont make a standoff stacker, half c channels are lighter

Standoffs are half the weight of a piece of c channel, so half c channel and standoffs are the same weight.

Unless you swiss cheese your half wide.

And that will always remain as a bad idea.


We started with what the above CAD shows, but moved to using high strength axle collars. This eliminates any possibility for slack between the standoff and the axle collar because you can tighten a bolt down as much as you can. This option is also nice, because you can use it on a bolt, with a little bit less stability, or add gear inserts to add this onto an axle.

I seem to not be able to open the image.

It’s actually probably about the same, but half c is easier to build out of.

Standoffs are much more sturdy and reliable, that’s why the best teams use them.