Standoff Pack -- What sizes?

What are the sizes of standoffs in the Standoff Pack? I’m not seeing a formal listing under the product description, but from the picture, it looks like:

10 X 1/2"
8 X 1"
4 X 2"
4 X 4"

I’m especially guessing on the last set.

These are all the standoffs that VEX offers
Standoff 0.25" (10-pack)

Standoff 0.50" (10-pack)

Standoff 0.75" (10-pack)

Standoff 1.00" (10-pack)

Standoff 1.50" (10-pack)

Standoff 2.00" (10-pack)

Standoff 2.50" (4-pack)

Standoff 3.00" (4-pack)
Standoff 4.00" (4-pack)

Standoff 5.00" (4-pack)

Standoff 6.00" (4-pack)

From the product page.


Thanks! Should’ve scrolled down further :o

Link, Link, who has the Link???

I would be interested in some of these, but I can not locate the page from

Home / Products / Robot Accessories / Structure


Home / Products / Robot Accessories

( Another page that is hard to find is : Home / Products / Robot Accessories / Individual Parts , which is under Home / Products / Robot Accessories , but there seems to be no direct link… :frowning: I need replacement gears for the Three Wire Motors… ] )

When I was ordering parts the other day, I also could not find the link to Standoffs, so I just did a search of the store and they came up. Here is the link to them:

Thanks a Bunch!!! I did try Searching for “replacement gears”, but currently, the Replacement Gears, for the Three Wire Motors and Servos won’t come up…

On this page, do a CTRL-F for “standoff”

Ahh, Yes… The picture of the .25" variety does not do the other sizes justice.