Standoffs coming loose

Hey forums, I’ve been having an issue with standoffs coming loose on my intake is there any legal way to prevent this from happening? It seems like no matter how tight I make them they keep coming loose. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Use the thread locking screws.

We were going to but somehow the order got placed with the wrong screws. We ended up getting 6-32 instead of 8-32. Any other suggestions?

Putting washers between the metal / standoff helps a lot. Also, to put a washer between the screw head / metal. That alone will help a ton, plus locking screws, they wont ever come loose.

Oh hey Jess! Thanks for the tip I hadn’t thought of that.

No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know why this works?

Locktite your screws

We secure our bolts that are connected to standoffs with nylocks first.
It was a bit of a pain at first, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Putting washers gives the it a larger surface area to grip to

ah, ok, thanks!

No problem, feel free to shoot me a message if you need anything, always open to help out

Thanks for the help everyone! I have a few things I’m going to try now :slight_smile:

Loc-tite. Nothing a bottle of the good ol’ stuff won’t fix

+1 to this. They are much more difficult to dismantle after loctite. Standoffs won’t come loose with the blue stuff you are allowed to use.

Our team has used a pliers to pinch the threads on our screws a little, making them a little more difficult to screw in and out, but they never come loose.

I think the “washer between the standoffs method” is most feasible in this type of situation. You could also take the one inch couplers and wrap teflon tape around them. I don’t know if teflon tape is legal or not but I know that some teams use it for screwing in valves into their pneumatics, and I myself use it for screwing in motors.

Use loctite, apply on the screw or standoff. Then your screws will never loosen. It works and it is not hard to loosen.

We had this issue for over a couple a days, then I began to test and look for very simplistic ways to fix the issue with these standoffs going loose. Here are some ways you can fix these issues:

  1. Put a spacer on the side of the standoff, then tighten extremely. What this will do is it will be a little replacement of what-would-be a nylock nut, except as a spacer. It does fix the issue but the standoffs do bend easily.

  2. This may be one of the most time-consuming things, but basically put a bearing-flat on, don’t put the plastic inserts in, but put screws in and tighten it. Then after tighten the standoff in extremely. The standoffs shouldn’t loosen for about 2-4 competitions, and won’t bend as easily.

Connor W.

Using Loctite and a long bolt will do the trick. If you’re especially determined, use pliers to remove the star lock-washers from the VEX keps nuts.

Heres a picture of our setup (the steel 1x1s assist in preventing bending)
A whole competition and countless scrimmages in, and they’re as tight as they started
asdf.pdf (1.03 MB)