Standoffs coming loose

Loctite needs time to set or it won’t hold as well. So hands off for a few minutes. No driving, not manipulating it, etc.

Let the adhesive do its thing. Chemistry is not always instant.

yeah that is what we use

OK. We used locktite on a prototype yesterday. Worked like a champ. Only problem - it was only a prototype and now we need to dismantle it. Is there a solvent to help in removing locktite…? Please say there is!

Elbow grease! :slight_smile:


I think you applied too much loctite. The amount we recommend is a drop on the screw.

Little tip if you are using loctite. Don’t use red… We did that on accident, thinking it was blue (thanks to who put it on), and we literally couldn’t get it off. When they say its “high strength”, it is more than that.

We tried heating the metal to a point where hopefully the loctite would melt. Nope… We tried lighters, heat guns, none of it worked. In the end we just had to drill the screw heads off.

Maybe if your team is rich enough to just replace the parts it might be nice to know that it absolutely will not come off. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I mean, it worked. The screws are still loctite in, but it is so little to a point where it isn’t adding / removing any functionality. I looks nasty though.