STAR Academy Scrimmages

The link’s below are links to two friendly scrimmages for Vex In The Zone in Maryland, USA. I understand there are many discrepancies in how the game was played, so please read the following before viewing the matches:

  1. This scrimmage was not intended on being a real scrimmage, it was just an opportunity for Maryland teams to mess around and take a look at what other Maryland teams were doing, as well as to simply enjoy and evaluate robot performance. We are aware of the expansion rules and not being able to expand vertically above 18’’ outside the expansion zone.

  2. It is legal to knock caps out of posts just so long as they land back into the field. The following forum link clarifies this:

  3. This video was uploaded with the intention of enriching the Vex Community with ideas in designs since much of VEX is based around the collaboration of teams across the world. We understand the rules that are being broken in this match, but the intention of this video was to merely just show the world our designs and gain feedback from them, as well as to hopefully help others.

If you have any other questions regarding these matches feel free to reply to this thread below. Hope these videos help in your respective team’s design processes! (Note: The team I am in is the robot in the bottom left-hand corner of the field)

Surprising how difficult it looked to keep the caps in those passive intakes, but I guess some anti slip could probably fix that

It’s interesting to see how much difficulty the robots had with placing the caps on the posts, especially the Supreme Robot. Makes me think that you’d really need to invest in mechanical stops to optimize that.

yeah, having antislip would definitely help. Also, a lot of the lifts when at maximum height were leaning forward, so that might have had something to do with it.

MY BOIS. We’re gonna have a fun season :wink:

Probably just bad driving. They will improve as the season progresses, though. Mechanical stops would probably be nice, of course.

Looks like it’s going to be a frustrating early season for anyone focused on putting caps on goals, because they are so easy to knock off with so much less precision. The high flags will be worth investing in just because low quality teams will not be able to reverse them nearly as easily.

Just had our pre-singvex scrimmage… almost similar situations.
But the teams have the weekend ahead to rectify all these issues.

Anyway, our Singvex reveals (Ri1D and Ri3D) coming soon… it will be fun!! :slight_smile:

While inexperience with driving certainly plays a part, the waffle iron design inherently suffers from a weak grip on the caps. We’ll see how teams wind up dealing with that issue.

The caps are very similar in size and shape to last year’s mobile goals, just a lot lighter. I think repurposing a sturdy forklift from last year would be enough, although the forklifts from the video might end up being better…

Apart from the caps, I noticed the balls were just rolling around the field, making it harder to drive like previous year’s game objects just sitting around on the field. They could be used more than just shooting flags, or might just end up being nothing of a big obstacle…

It does seem surprisingly difficult, but remember so did cone stacking for some during ITZ in the early season. I’m sure someone will figure out how to make a bar to stop the arm from overshooting the pole sometime soon.


I like your idea.


Make your chassis so that this is not an issue. I’m not going to say we never had any issues with a cone, but our Worlds robot in ITZ had polycarbonate angled/rounded pieces on the front and back in order to push cones out of the way, and was only 16.5" inches wide. It was made to traverse the field, specifically. Balls should be less problematic, I would think.

I assume you meant Turning Point, not In the Zone?

Have a fun season! :slight_smile:

bleh my bad, I meant Turning Point :slight_smile: