Star Scatter

Hi, I am from 2616J. I was just wondering how other teams plan to scatter stars, as I feel that it would be a good strategy to waste the other sides time. Currently we just tell our driver to get 3+ stars so that they bounce off each other and scatter.

smart strategy. star physics are weird though, so don’t depend on it too much because they might not go where you want them to.

Darn! Wish we had thought of that! Now that we have the idea, though, we’ll just copy it.

Seriously, though, scattering the stars (if you can accomplish it) is only one tactic in achieving a win.

What we usually try to do is bury in the middle. If both alliances are trying to get from the middle, it usually makes confusion between them. It also allows us to work with our teammate efficiently because we are both doing the same thing. Very few teams have the capacity or the torque to actually pick up the middle stars all at once, so it also helps waste time by making them separate the stars before actually being able to get them over. This hurts a bit in Qualification Rounds, in that case just do it until your happy with the field and then just either A) Be prepared to throw stuff back over or B) Play defense by sitting up right next to the fence with your claw open, if you can. This strategy is very helpful, but scattering stars with a reverse/long range dumper works well too. They both waste time, just burying is better against certain bots compared to the scatter method, and vice versa.