Star struck tether bot?

actually it would be really easy (1 motor: 30 pound robot) should not be a problem

The hard part with a hanging tetherbot is reattaching the systems. You need a mechanism that releases easily when you want, but holds the weight of one tetherbot when you go to hang.

Yeah it doesnt seem really worth the hassle, but if you can get it to work then it might be useful. I still dont think its a good idea. Hanging is already going to take a lot of time out of the game, having to put your robot back together is going to leave you defenseless for way too long

They could be separate to begin with and then have a passive locking mechanism to latch them back together at the end. I think that it wouldn’t take long at all.
The problem that I see is the size and weight.

And the wires

As much as it’s fun to talk about tether bots, I find myself agreeing with the notion that tether bots only work in defensive games like Skyrise. Those years, it was definitely a very plausible idea to have a part of your robot building the skyrise tower while the other part stacked up cubes. However, in this year which is significantly more offensive and fluid, I don’t think splitting your robot in two is a good idea unless that’s the only thing you plan on doing.

Instead, it might be cool to make a “smart” wallbot. If you used linear slides, you could potentially raise and lower the net to block higher up shots and actually use the motors for important things. IMO, a rubber banded drive could be sufficient for getting across the field in auton. You could also add a simple crane-like claw to your robot for scoring while being a wall bot, all of which might make this a more complete and viable strategy.