Starstruck - 3D Printed Star

Attached is files to print your every own Starstruck Star. Model is a near identical representation of what the stars will be shaped like for the 2016-2017 game. (Modeled with dimensions provided by the posted field specifications)

I printed the whole thing in under half a day and secured each of the 6 legs to the body with glue. Great early season testing piece for teams with access to a 3D printer
VEX Starstruck (3.52 MB)

Yea you shouldn’t say that @WillyVal

Won’t a 3D print be stiff and not bend like the stars?

I doubt its for actual use in vex, it’s just fun to have

Wow… and here’s me thinking my star made of Legos was cool… :,(

JK, nice work with that star! With Vex’s super long shipping times, something’s better than nothing!

I think the 3D-printed star may be brittle, but if it won’t be subject to the full stresses of the game, oh well.

I plan to use it for prototyping my intake designs. A lot of the game will revolve around the best way to handle these stars

True. Still, the bendiness and somewhat lighter material of the actual star might throw off some mechanical intakes- actual star might behave differently.

You’re absolutely right.

I personally have never handled a real game star so I cannot compare it to my printed version. This is probably by no means a good testing representation as far as the material is concerned. The shape is accurate however which will make it nice as an early testing piece

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the stars are made of the same material as the NbN balls just slightly denser

I would say that seems accurate. The stars are foam, but slightly different density and texture than the NbN balls (In my opinion)

I think they are the same foam with a thicker coating.

When ripped the inside seems to be a different consistency…but hard to say for sure.

That seems cool! Except that we got our Startruck objects in only a day xD

We were going to get them at worlds, they were sold out.
Must be popular…

They are in-stock at

But I’m in Australia, which means 4 weeks shipping

Ah, yes. I should noticed that. By the way, the 3d printed model is awesome. Do you happen to know how many grams it was once printed? Infill %age?

Don’t ask me this ain’t my thread xD

I’m an idiot. haha. I saw that the OP had an “n” at the beginning of their name and just assumed it was you. Looks like I need to pay attention a bit more.