Starstruck Autonomous Rules

After this Nothing but Net season, one thing that is becoming more important is autonomous. I have read the rules for Starstruck and I am still unclear of one thing. Are you able to elevate at any point in the match, or does it have to be the last 30 seconds? One thing that I was thinking about is finding a way to elevate during autonomous, and then once driver control begins…bring the robot down again. Can someone tell me if this is allowed please? Also, please share your autonomous thoughts!


A couple teams (probably most notably 44) did essentially this in Toss Up in order to win Autonomous. IIRC, it wasn’t super-useful then, because the points bonus for winning Auton wasn’t huge and it took time to unhang at the beginning of driver control. Those two factors will likely still be at play in Starstruck, but with the advent of Autonomous Points as a tiebreak, maybe some teams will occasionally worthwhile.

the rule says “at the end of the match” and the autonomous is the beginning of the match. The idea is neat, but I think this is a no

I can’t find any rules that say hanging only counts at the end of the match. If I’m mistaken, perhaps you could show me where they are?

I would beg to differ. In toss up, similarly to skyrise, auton often decided the match(at high levels of play). This year, hanging in auton is even more valuable, as the last 30 seconds in this game are more important than the first 30 like in toss up. Team 44 often lost valuable time to stash buckyballs due to their auton hang, however in this game you can make up any early deficit.

I agree, hanging is worth 3 cubes, I dont think there will be people who do that many cubes around us and that maybe 1-2 will be able to do 2 in the last 5 sec. but there shouldn’t be too many.

Lets say early season 7-10 second hanging.

Some robots will be able to score multiple stars at a time, at 1 star/second for 10 seconds would make the gap in between the two scores 20 points higher because of descoring. and if those stars were in your far zone and you move them into the opponents far zone than it could be up to 40 points. High lifting isnt always a good thing, I think you should definitely do it depending on the game

Well the combo should be the better scorer should stay down and the worse one should hang, because if they aren’t very good at scoring they should have started with hanging first.

Very true

That way you can be the best alliance possible, if the other team cant hang and arent good scorers though I dont know, what would you guys do.

I would say stay on the field, more potential for points

Personally I think the strategy of “flooding” will become more popular towards the endgame. If people choose to sacrifice the auton bonus and their 4 APs, they can hoard around 2/3 of the game elements, and then after loading up on the elements the other alliance shoots over (until they realize your strategy), you should have at least 3/4 of the field. Then, just load up and get in the optimal position, once you’re at around the last ten second mark or however long it will take you to launch the objects you already have, get the rest, and launch again.

This kind of strategic autonomous wins matches at the expense of APs, and so ultimately the tradeoff lies in whether the win is most important (elims) or simply ranking higher (quals).

The video says “teams can low or high hang at the end of the match.” But the rules don’t specify that.??

I believe simply means judges will score at the end of the match. meaning you have to end there. It doesn’t specify when you can start (anypoint in the game).