Starstruck Calgary November Regional

Here’s a link to the regional event that just took place here in Calgary.

link text

There were a total of 22 teams who came from across the province and it was a good time. Big thanks to Masters Academy and their robotics program for hosting the tournament.

The red robot further east from the camera, the one with the cube autonomous, was that 3388T or 3388S? Their robot is really impressive, I have to give them props

That cataclaw is awesome. We just might have to use a similar design for our rebuild.

Thanks, The claw catapult hybrid is my team (3388T) with the cube auto. The auto was pretty sketchy because I didn’t have time to finish my drive pid. Might do a reveal video sometime soon.

@TurboTech Well done and you have an amazing bot. Can’t wait for your reveal.