Starstruck Defensive Strategies

I had an idea that once the opposing alliance would attempt to or complete a lift; our robot could throw stars or cubes at their robot in an attempt to knock it down. Would this be allowed? What other strategies do you guys have for defense?

No, I can’t find the specific rule, but you aren’t allowed to intentionally hurt the other alliances robot.

Just a quick question. Why would you want to do this? It seems pretty obvious that it would also hurt the robot in the process.

It would probably get you DQ’d after a few times of doing it, after 2-3 its pretty obvious youre doing it on purpose.

yes but if you fire your stars at their climbing zone during the match, you could probably clog up a robot that wants to climb. since these stars are big and everywhere, clogging up the zone will be really hard to deal with

The only problem is that this design may not really allow efficient fast scores if its main focus is to shoot the other robots.

I wouldn’t recommend fighting the lift. Its 12 out of a total of 68, and with the various difficulties of performing the lift, I don’t think it will be too common before midseason. 2 cubes scored far outmatches the amount from the lift. The only viable “defencive” strategies that are worth your time and effort (and probably won’t get you DQd) would be to prevent the other side from scoring at all.

Not that I am not against defense, but what do you mean by “2 cubes scored far outmatches the amount from the lift.”???

My apologies, I was thinking it was 8 points a cube, not eight points total.


It doesn’t necessarily outmatch, but each cube is at least a 6 point swing: -2 from your opponents and +4 to you.

A lift will be about 20% of the total scores that are going to happen, so if you lift in auton. and after in the match you have 20-22% of the score, or 16 points.

What methods of blocking did you have in mind?

Building a “Trump Idea”(a wall)