Starstruck Design, Scoring Methods, and Ideas

Let’s discuss how we are going to tackle this new monstrosity of a competition that vex has thrown at us.

My plan for scoring is to have a bar that extends out from my robot as soon as the match starts, that is twelve feet long, that runs off of either a slip gear method or pneumatics. The idea is that in the beginning of auto, the robot races up and smacks all of the stars off the wall. (Or just the beginning of the match if there is no auto). This way you put all the pressure on the other team to get the stars off of their side, rather than on you.

I think its more important to overwhelm your opponents with stars than to score them in the far zones so I plan on building a efficient intake system and a short range puncher / catpult

Yea, I agree, that’s for the very beginning, and then after that you use some sort of catapult/puncher as you said.

Main methods of intakes talked about so far: Forklift, Claw, modified Side-rollers.
Main methods of scoring talked about so far: Catapult, Dumping, Pushing stars under the fence.
Main methods of design talked about so far: these vary greatly, from scissor lifts to 6 bar, catapults to wallbots.
Main strategies talked about so far: Descoring is very important, defense with wallbots (although not a great idea in my opinion), waiting until the last ten seconds and then overwhelming your opponent so that they can’t respond in time and the game ends, possibility of tether bots since there is a wall preventing physical contact from opposing teams.
And other things I can’t remember

I was thinking that for my intake, I was going to use a forklift type of thing with bent metal that can scoop up underneath the stars. And to have 4ish of those in a line, so that there is always at least 1 or two scoops at the bottom to pick up stars. These elevators immediately take the star up to the catapult which then throws the star over.

If its an elevator style intake where would the Forks go after they get to the top? Would you have to go back down? or would you have it set up so that they can go full circle and pick up multiple stars? If so how would you get the large forks to go full circle

Hmm… I was thinking that they could just go straight up and down, but now I realize that they would get in the way of the stars that are coming up. I think that I should try and have them go full circle like you said, and have the bot extend, so there is extra room for them to turn around. The catapult would start in the 18 cube, but then slide forward to make room for the forks to come through, and I would have to use another fork system, or a conveyor belt to bridge the gap.

Yeah it’s a little complicated, but if you could get it to work it would be efficient at picking up multiple stars at a time.
Kind of reminds me of this awesome bot.

But if you use a torque scissor lift you go straight up, and depending on your launcher you may only need a small torque gear ratio, like if you have an x-chassis with a forklift slip gear catapult it will be very light, about 6 lbs. and a 25 in. x chassis with a 60 tooth to 12 tooth gear ratio on it you can lift 13lbs. (Skyrise test) before your robot starts slow down and about 19 lbs. before burning out the 4 motors

Yea, I’ll definitely take that into consideration when I start to build my bot soon.

What if the forklift is on the catapult instead of the plate, than its one easy light system using less motors, and very easy to make/take care of

Could you explain this a little more?

yea, I’m a bit confused what you mean.

So you know how the plate would be fed by the forklift on the conveyer belt, what if instead of having the intake and launcher be 2 seperate systems, it was one, put the lift all the way down and be able 2 grab 2-3 stars or 1 cube and not have to deal with transitions and conveyer belts, because they always break.

Oh ok. So the catapult is the intake? Or the catapult is just hooked up with the intake. I like the forklift idea, because t would also line the stars up the same way ever time it picked one up. This would make everything more consistent, because it lines up the same way ever time.

the catapult is the forklift, or the other way around, the forklift is the catapult, but either way makes sense

Yeah my original idea was a forklift/catapult on a 6 bar lift. Now im thinking scissor lift instead but the idea is still the same.


Oh, so almost like the forklift grabs the star, and immediately flings it to the other side. I get that, you could have more than one rotating in a loop, to maximize your efficiency at throwing.